IOS / Andriod Blueprint tutorial ?

Hey gang,

I’m really really anxious to start learning Blueprints and seeing how it works (and differs from Kismet), but while I got UE4, it won’t run on my machine. So while I’m waiting for hardware, I’m stuck with watching tutorials without being able to mess around in a hands on way.

It’d require some building, so its obviously something that can’t help me in the short term, but an IOS / Android app that would replicate that node system might help a lot of people. Maybe a user would be able to put down premade characters on a 2d plane and then apply Blueprint scripting to it? Or do it in 3d just limit the space / size and have heavy graphics filters so that it would play on all devices.

Naturally there’d be huge limitations, but I just would LOVE to start learning the language of Blueprints - and to be able to do it on the go would be awesome as well. Right now, as far as I know, to learn Blueprints you need UE4 up and running and I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat as I’m in with hardware issues.

Food for thought. You couldn’t sell this but it’s something that I’m sure you could release with Epic’s blessing.

I might try to make something like this once I get a machine up and running.