Involve AnswerHub into Forum?

Hey Guys,

today i had my frist bigger Crash Problem with UE4. First thing i thought, well post it in the Forum. Then i remembered oh yeah there is AnswerHub.
I searched for my Problem and found nothing and posted an own “ticket”. After that and while searching, i figured out lots of people mixing Problems in the
AnswerHub and the Forum.

There some interessting Questions in the AnswerHub, i did not found in the Forum and the other Way arround. The AnswerHub is a nice idea, but i think
its streches the Community and the written down Information to much.

A complete own “Bug/Problems” Section with a the Categories of the AnswerHub, would do the same thing and keep it all on one place.
Atm we need to search in boths.

Maybe you had another thoughts and another useage for it, makes it unpossible to put into forum, i didnt know. Then forget my idea :smiley:


Hi Spaehling,

Thanks for the feedback. We are investigating our options to improve the search results between the Forums and the AnswerHub.

Currently, I recommend running your searches from our main Documentation page:
The search function there will actually run the search on the Documentation, Forum, AnswerHub, and Wiki and it will provide all the results together or filtered by site.

I hope this helps.