Invisibe Floor Texture

Hi there. It happened that while working with landscape in UE4 I had a problem with the invisible floor texture. (Im.1) I createdd the landscape .fbx model in Blender and movedd it into the UE4. The problem is that I can’t go lower than the highest place in my landscape model. (Im.2) If I place my landscape model over this texture, I spawn under my landscape. (Im.3) Is there any solution for this problem?




What do you mean by placing the landscape model over the texture?

I place my landscape model over the texture in im. 1

The ‘invisible floor texture’ looks like the grid. Or is it a different thing than the grid? Is the landscape model imported simply as a 3D mesh? or was a landscape generated using Unreal’s landscape tool?

Landscape was imported from Blender.

I knew that from what you initially said. I was actually asking whether any aspect of it was produced using the landscape tool. Aside from that, it could be an issue with the object bounds of the entire landscape model. Have you tried placing the texture atop the landscape model (rather than the model over the texture)?