Inventory + Hotbar System (Doesnt work!)

I did everything what he did in tutorials but inventory system and hotbar hovered textures doesnt work… can anyone check project? i dont know where is exactly problem…


And some photos

Thanks everyone, no one want help to me!!!111!!!oneoneone

I had the same problem and ended up giving up on savai’s implementation a good while ago, would be nice to know if anyone actually got this working

i worked on this project more then 20 hours but doesnt work anything and no-one want to help me even savai… its very bad emotions

Maybe you should start to work on more basic things. Until you understand how stuff works, so you can fix this stuff.

i got savai system working well (there is alot of work after the tutorals stop to get it working well) , but it just has alot of limitations and i have developed my own system that uses UMG and is very custom able