Invalid location via drag'n'drop.

Hi, currently im using ue 4.18 and making Mobile TopDown game.

I Have two questions:

  1. While using Drag’n’Drop, in “OnDrop” function i store “Pointer Event->GetScreenSpacePosition” vector into a variable and show some “select item” widget to user. When user clicks on widget button, i spawn some other actor with transform, created via “my previously stored vector -> deproject screen to world -> convert to transform”, but my actor spawns not in “OnDrop” location. As i Understand, deproject screen to world makes invalid position. Please help, how to spawn center of actor exactly in “drop” location?

  2. I followed tutorial…rop/index.html
    but when i tested it in “InEditor” , it seems that dragged element not followed by mouse cursor (in my mac it has little less than halfscreen offset). This problem not exist in “Standalone Game” and if i launch it via Mobile Device. How can i configure editor for right offset while testing ineditor mode?