Invalid / Incorrect Compiler Errors

Not sure how this one got past the devs to be honest.

If I have a large chain and one of the earlier nodes is invalid for whatever reason, the last node that would error as a result of the invalid node is reported to be erroneous, whereas the actual cause of the error isn’t identified in any way or form which means the compiler might as well say “there was an error” because that’s how useful the report is.

It’s not a situational error, this happens in every scenario.

This is only my opinion but this is how i suppose things are. To have a so precise level of error definition, each node would be stored in a giant array to be able to be tracked which would be the main complained issue : why do you add a giant array which makes the game weight so much. Inconceivable ! ( inigo friend all rights reserved) so there may have only a list of basic error situations. On compile, a loop hasn’t its connection, all loop goes warning.
It may be a trouble for a blueprint coding beginner but if you have, at least a bit, debugging abilities, this is lot better than nothing and enough to fairly reduce the area of researches. But i may be wrong on the true proccess.