Interrupting Input Action Events Mid Stream.... Possible?

I’m working on a 3rd person shooter I’ve made from scratch using blueprints (ie not using any of the unreal starter templates) mostly for learning purposes. any way I’ve run into an issue that has me stumped…,

Scenario: when the player runs out of ammo the weapon cannot continue to fire and weapon must be reloaded in order to continue shooting. Simple right

At the input action Event(left mouse button pressed)
>Check to see if the ammo is empty if false then the weapon fires as usual if True then it will not. this part of the code functions pretty well. the problem is that the weapon is automatic so as long as the player never lets up off of the mouse button the weapon will not stop shooting when it runs out of bullets., As soon as the button is released however the player cannot fire until the weapon is reloaded.
This leads me to believe that if I momentarily interrupt the mouse button input action when the ammo hits 0 then I should be good.
problem is I can’t seem to find anything online that covers that specific concept (Interrupting an Action Input Event while it is currently triggered) and I’ve only been working with blue prints for about a month now and I’m not super familiar with all of the ins and outs.
I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this problem that i’m over looking
I’d really appreciate any help just remember I’m still a bit of a noob so please use small words lol

Hello? Anybody out there? I’m still having issues with this… I hope somebody sees this.