Does anyone know how to convert a static mesh to an InterpActor to use with the movable function in matinee? I have tried to change the static mesh to moveable and convert to interactive foliage actor and trying both of these I still get a message saying I need to use an InterpActor.

Both are no interpActor…
Maybe there’s no way to directly convert ton interpActor?
Find it in the library, add one and then configure it to use your old mesh again.

In the mesh actor properties expand the **Transform ** tab and change Mobility from **Static **to Mobile

InterpActor is no more! You simple change Mobility as CharlestonS says. There is also no more KActor, you just tick the Simulate Physics box.

I have tried changing the Mobility to Moveable and that did not work. Maybe there is an issue, has this worked for anyone yet?

Try making a BP out of the static mesh and change the mobility settings in the BP to movable. That should do the trick. Its anyway better in a lot of cases to blueprintify static meshes so you can just do more fancy **** with them and update the parent classes to affect children as well etc… :wink:

Thank you for all the input. I barely started using UDK3 when Unreal 4 came out and figured since I was just starting I might as well use the latest and greatest and being more of a musician I am starting from the ground up leaning the modeling and building side of things so I am very new. I will have to look into on how to do this and see if I can get things working.