Interior Day/Night

I am trying to bake my GI with stationary lights while having the ability turn all the lights off, leaving you with a dark room and a flash light. I am working on a horror experience.

Movable lights do not give me the realism i am after, i need those light bounces.

Right now I am thinking of animating my eye adaptation and stationary lights to give the illusion of lights turning off, but that is not a great solution since I have the feeling my flashlight will look weird and i would have to have my lights dimmed for my entire level.

Am I able to disable the baked lighting during runtime? That way when i turn my stationary lights off, the room goes dark. If i can’t do that, would something like level streaming give the impression of lights turning off. I could render 2 versions of my room similar to the realistic rendering demo.

You can set GI intensity and color in the post process volume.

Oh that is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks. It was hidden down there at the bottom.

What about my level streaming idea if i wanted the lights to turn off and then turn back on with a different lighting scheme?

Might work, but you may hit problems with the lights from one level affecting the other map (thereby invalidating the light). Unloading it would fix it, but re-loading it would slow down your performance and give a hitch each time.

That leaves toggling visibility, but I am not sure how the lighting responds to having both levels loaded, but only one visible.

Either way, the GI lightmap multiplier in post process is much cleaner and simpler so I suggest you just stick to that.

So what would I do to make this work but still get baked GI from a sun and a skylight? I have a very dark building for example and all lights are turned off. But in some rooms, sunlight still enters and bounces around nicely. But for example in another room, that is completely dark, I could turn on a desk lamp and then the whole room should get some nice GI from that desk lamp. This is of course not working with the method via post volume since it affects all GI data.

I would love to have this option only on the artificial lights placed inside of a building. Any ideas on that?

I was actually hoping that when you turn down the intensity of a stationary light, it also turns down the intensity of the affected lightmaps. Because its kinda weird that you can adjust its brightness, but it has no influence on the GI at all :frowning: