Interfaces best for communicating with similar classes?

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out how I should run functions/events and set variables that are the same but on different BP types.

I have a small set of actors that interoperate closely but now I need to start adding more types of one of these. So when I currently set a variable I do it directly by using a stored link to a reference of one of the other actors. But as I now add the new ‘variations’ (with their own BPs, as I need different anim BP’s) those direct calls are now longer good.

I want to be able to do a more generic call by having the reference link being of type ‘Actor’ rather than the actual home made BP type that it is.

Trying to read about this it seems like Interfaces are one of the ways of solving this.
But I will probably need to implement 50 or more of these functions/calls as I am making so many different communication calls left right and centre.

Do you still think interfaces would be the way to go?
Or is there another possibly simpler method?