Interface Message Kicks all Clients

Hello. I’ve ran into a nasty situation that I can’t seem to figure out. I’ve tracked it down to solely the interface call. I’m new to replicating and server function but since I have another interface call that replicates just fine, I’ve hit a wall.

I have a ball that characters can pick up. Using the interface call it changes 3 variables and adds a child actor. It changes a tag, a bool and tells the interface what the child actor class will be.

So far I have tried removing switch has authority.
I’ve made custom events that runs on server that runs to a client custom event.
Each blueprint does have the interface added.
I’ve tried this on the characterBP and the ball BP with no avail everyone gets kicked from the server.
My stun interface works just fine and only transfers a float variable.
Removing the interface completely works just it destroys the pickup ball as requested but obviously no variables are transferred to the CharacterBP

Where are the variables stored. In the blueprint where the variables are stored - did you make a function for each variable to change it? Are you calling the variable change function from the other blueprint?