Interface gone dead ?

I have an interface and has been working fine, but no visible reason why it’s decided to die, works other places just not the AI Controller bp.

I created a new controller and interface, still same problem.

I’ve added “get aicontroller” for the actor and works ok, thing is I didn’t have to before.

Hey there,

would you mind not bumping your thread before waiting 4 days on a response? (:
There are a lot of people needing help and bumping a thread too often clutters the forum and makes it harder for others to
get there questions answered.

I will merge your 3 posts now into one, please make sure to use the EDIT POST button to add more information to
your latest posts in the future.

For your problem you would need to provide more information. Add screenshots of your Controller, BPI and other stuff that is involved.

Ok sorry, thank