Interface and Item Sounds

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Hey Devs,

My name is Henrique and I work **at **Cafofo Music](

We are super glad to announce that we just released our Interface and Item Sound Effects Pack](**, **a professional pack with currently 236 high-quality clicks, interface, powerups and gameplay sounds. We are gonna update it constantly and its value will increase upon each upgrade



**Pack content: **

**Includes interface sound for menus: **

  • Clicks and Buttons
  • Futuristic UI
  • Menu and Pops
  • Switches and Special SFX

**Includes gameplay item sounds: **

  • Items, pops, special and crunch items
  • Bonus, power ups and potions
  • Gameplay stings and miscellaneous content like horns, firework, and dices.

About us:

We are a professional game audio studio providing music, sound effects and voice over for games for five years.We currently work for hire and if you need custom music and sounds please contact us =)