Interactive Tree Creator

Yes, all the branches & sub-branches are spawned within trunk/parent branch with special mesh section for more natural blending. There is also a parameter that allows to control how ‘deep’ the branches will spawn, so it’s possible to adjust that even with extreme unnatural tree shapes. But even the default value should be fine, no floating branches so far, in any of the 20 included tree presets.

Testing in 4.22 and I don’t know why but TreeRoom Preset maps are totally white. It is like all the materials there glow white. But Overview map looks fine.

Thanks for the info. Yes, for others that encounter this:

Please change the Max Brightness to 1.0 in the PostProcessVolume , OR check the “Extend default luminance range in Auto Exposure” in the Project Settings.

It’s because the new Exposure settings in 4.22. They are not updated in the UE template projects and the new values conflict with the old setup. 4.22 values are named “Min EV100” and “Max EV100”. If you have “Max Brightness” instead it means that your project still uses the old pre-4.22 setup.

New update for 4.22+ should be available soon:

  • Better billboard mesh generation, faster billboard material. Now all the billboard plane UV scaling happens during procedural mesh creation.
    In result, the master billboard material is even more lightweight.
    Also, the finalization process for generated trees in shorter and more user friendly.

  • New: Density control for branch placement. Allows to e.g. have less/more branches on top/bottom, retaining the original branch amount.
    Controllable with 3 parameters: Density Effect (0-1), Density Exponent, Density Adjustment (Disabled, More on Top, Less on Top).

  • Automatic LOD assignment for finalized tree mesh. There’s no need to export/import LOD meshes anymore.

  • Cleaned up parameter categories for the tree generator blueprint

  • Cleaned up tree generation level ‘rooms’

  • New documentation for 4.22+

Discord server is now up and running:

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