Interactive Spectator View

I’m working on a project that requires 2 players. 1 player will be using the desktop (mouse and keyboard) while the other player is using VR. The player on the desktop will need a widget to be displayed on the screen and is interactive. I’ve seen a few tutorials for creating a spectator camera, and drawing textures and what not, but I can’t find a good straight answer of how to create a widget that can be interacted with using the spectator view.

Any help is appreciated!

Vr spectator control window…ue4 marketplace

Indeed, the VR Spectator Window does a fine job at this and is easy to implement (
One tip: when the main window loses focus (ie the controller window has focus), the input button Vive controllers do not work (a Steam thingy?) but the plugin has a detection for which window has focus so you can give feedback on this.