Interactive objects?

Hey guys. How can I make objects that you can interact with?

Basically, I have objects all throughout the map, and I just want to do simple things with them (different things for each object) when you get close to them, are looking at them, and you press E. For example, there’s a small fan. If you walk up to it and press E, it plays an animation (makes the fan “turn on”) and plays a sound. There’s a toilet. If you walk up to it and press E, it plays a flushing sound. Simple stuff like that. Would I need to create a trigger box for EVERY single interactive object, or is there a better way to do this? Thanks!

There are a lot of tutorials on this type of thing floating around, but I recommend Tom Looman’s one:
[Tutorial] Multiplayer supported UsableActor System in Blueprint](

Comes in two flavours - Blueprint (link above) & C++.
Includes actor outline support too.

Wow, thanks! This will definitely help. Thanks for your quick response!

Use the learn tab in the launcher and search in there and you will get lots of results in the forum,answerhub and other places