Interactive 360 film/movies/videos/documentary

Hi, I think it’s my first thread on this forum, so I hope I will be able to explain myself right. (By the way english is not my first language… I’ll do my best).

What i’m looking for is a tool to be able to make 360° videos/movies/films/documentary shot with GoPro 360 rig (; Elmo (; or Sphericam (

I mean I prefer Unreal Engine (mainly because of Blueprints) than Unity (i’m not starting a war, it is just my personnal point of view, bias and comfort).

So I was wondering if one day it will be possible to do that.

I did an experimentation, like import a media in media framework, transform it in texture, put it in material that I put in a sphere and put a camera in the middle of it and check the HMD output. The problem was that for 4k videos it lag a lot, like it was impossible to watch.

Is there a better way to do that, is there a plug-in for more video projects? Does Epic is working to implement Google Cardboard SDK, or anything with 360 high res videos?

And at the end I want to be able to input sound spatialization, binaural sound, and UI and interactions in my movie. Like At the end of a take the user is in front of a choice to make to watch another take and it is make by a “gaze” cursor.

I want to do what that software is promissing and more,

Thank You all, the community and the people of Epic

Hi, I’m trying to achieve something similar. Checkout this thread for more info about the current limitations of video playback (especially on GearVR) and about what’s being worked on in 4.11:

Hi! We are currently having trouble with this as well. It seems that UE4’s media framework performance is too low for VR. The solution we are finding is to license Bink Video from Rad Game Tools. They seem to support up to 4k video with very low latency. We haven’t fully tested yet, but I’m told that is what KiteAndLightning used for their Insurgent VR project.


Thank You very much i’ll checked it out.

Thank You very much. Hope we’ll get some news and good ones hehehe. Because I love the UI of Unreal, so it will be nice to get it do more than just video games, such as Internet of Things, Arduino/Electronics/Robotics programming and installation, Interactive Video Mapping, Interactive or/and Immersive installations and interactive videos 360 or not.

Like a multipurpose engine: with some features like Resolume, Cycling 74 Max 7, Touch Designer or Klynt, as plug-ins or native tools inside the engine.

There is so much potential with UE4