Interaction message specific to object

I already posted this to AnswerHub, so if this is in the wrong place let me know.

Hi, my problem is in the course of making a door. I want an interaction message that says “activate” on most things but says “Open/Close” when looking at a door. You can see my current attempt below.

Currently, I when I look at the door, it says “Open” as per the branch in the Reticule BP, but it does not display closed

Unfortunately, I get an error when I open the door ingame that reads “Accessed None trying to read property Door” and I cannot work out how to get this working.

Any suggestions? I’m fairly new to this so if there’s something obvious please say!

“Door” in an object reference btw!

When you get that error, click on the word on the far right end. It will take you to the error node. That node is using a reference which isn’t pointing at anything…