Interaction animation between pawns(Throw attacks, Fatality kill)

I have been working on making animation between pawns interact and have seen animation work fine with simple punch and get punched animations, but have been having a hard time getting throw attacks(like you would see in wwe games) and hostage(holding enemy as a human shield) and was wondering if anybody had a good place to look to help me learn how to perform these types of animations.

Same here! This seems to be something that’s pretty tricky. I was trying to get this to work with some mixamo animations but it’s like way above my skill level.

Dpends a bit on how you wanna perform it. For a starter maybe add some sockets to the enemy where you want your hero to grab him and then use ragdoll physics for a few cheap laughs. But yeah for a more serious approach you’d also create some animations for the grabbed enemy - at least as a hostage i think it would look much better if he starts wiggling or waving his arms trying to break free. For WWE style i think ragdoll with some restraint bones would be sufficient -never tried though to be honest. Well at least that came to my mind. Experiment a bit.