Intense lighting after Open Level (Android)

On PC everything works fine. After opening level B from starting level(A) lighting seems to work as it should.
Lighting works also fine on my Nexus 5x if I launch the application directly in level B. Level A has no issues what so ever.
Levels A and B have their own GameModes that determine Pawn classes. And within those Pawn classes are cameras that do not
have any modifications to post processing, except B’s pawn has its Auto Exposure set to min:1, max:1.
I’ve added a Post Process Volume to Level B with some settings in order to try to get the intensity of light under control.
Entirely removing the Post Process Volume had no effect other than to add as intense bloom effect as the light on top of it all.

I’ve included a couple of screenshots regarding this issue.

And screenshots of the settings I think might be related.

On left upper corner is the skylight of Level B.
Lower left corner the light source of Level B.