Intellisense delayed response

Hi, I am currently thinking of upgrading my system to include a SSD (Samsung 850) and upgrade my memory from 8gb to 16gb. I am currently on i7 processor, 4th Generation.
Will the upgrade be good enough to have better performance of intellisense and better compile times?
I read about Virtual Assist, but would upgrading my system be better as compared to having Virtual Assist?
Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

I believe you mean Visual Assist. In my experience, an upgrade like that would make less of a difference than Visual Assist would. I upgraded from a high-end AMD processor and an HDD to an i7 4790K, and a Samsung 850 EVO, can’t say I noticed much difference. Maybe someone else has had a different experience.

Did you have Visual Assist both before and after upgrade?

And is compile time CPU dependent or Disk, because every time I compile my memory and disk shoot up.
So I guess for compile time improvement an upgrade will suffice and for Intellisense it would be Visual Assist?