Integrating Sequencer into custom SCSS blueprint editor.

I have custom blueprint editor based on the new SCSS editor.
Now I want to integrate sequencer editor into it.
I have some parts working (sequencer editor in Window menu), I can open sequencer window etc. But there are still loads of issues that I just can’t figure out how to overcome:

  1. Sequencer window is not docked by default.
  2. After editing timeline changes are not saved. When I close editor, open it again and open asset changes are gone.
  3. I’m not sure if playing sequence even works. It get to correct player, but since there is no anim sequence to use it doesn’t work.
    I tryed to look at how UMG does it, but there is so much code I can’t wrap my head around I managed to rip some base parts apart from it, but it’s quite far apart from what I want to do.
    Then I looking at Niagra, but it seems quite unfinished and I don’t even know i sequence playing is working in it.

What I want is to have single Sequence Animation in my asset, which I can editor trough my custom editor. I don’t need to add them dynamically.