Integrating external C++ modules

What would you think the best ‘entry point’ into the engine would be in order to integrate a completely separate, in-house framework that has nothing do with graphics, etc ?

The framework really has nothing inherently to do with the Unreal engine or graphics in general but it imports data from the ‘outside world’ that we would like to have represented inside the engine. It has its own threads, its own network connections, etc.

Is this a job for the ‘blueprint’ class like the LeapMotion has available or is this a lower level type of integration ?

Since there is no real ‘main’ or anything we would need some sort of class that could fire up the other framework and establish communication between the two pieces.

I can connect to the framework externally via IPC mechanisms if necessary but still need to know where to put that logic.


To answer my own question in case other new comers have this question, I implemented my own ‘gameplay module’.

Searching for the macro ‘IMPLEMENT_PRIMARY_GAME_MODULE’ should get one started…

Thank you, I have the same problem. Is there any code example for a derived FDefaultGameModuleImpl or am I forced to resolve all those macros?

IMPLEMENT_GAME_MODULE( ModuleImplClass, ModuleName )


I only had to create my own class derived from ‘FDefaultGameModuleImpl’, then change the ‘IMPLEMENT_GAME_MODULE’ macro to use my class instead of the default that is automatically added.

Something like : IMPLEMENT_GAME_MODULE(FDefaultGameModuleImpl, MyGameModuleClass, “MyGameModuleClass”);
or if you want it to be the primary game module use ‘IMPLEMENT_PRIMARY_GAME_MODULE’ instead.

I ended up just calling into the outside world from my default Actor in the end since I needed to place an invisible ‘something’ in the world that activated my external stuff.