Integrate a pure blueprint plugin into a C++ gamemodelevel

Hello there.
I am currently trying to intergrate a free plugin called visual novel engine into my game.
But I found both my game and the plugin has a " global" Blueprint based on " gamemode" class, they have cross-referring to engine,BP functions. so I cannot just copy and drag an instance of the plugin inro my game level blueprint and initialize it via public variable.

So what is a simple and stupid way to load a pure Blueprint plugin into my game?


If you have two gamemode classes you will have to merge them manually, or use one of the 2. You can not use two at once. The least destructive way to merge them is to parent one to the other if possible.

You can have both classes in your project, but you must pick one of them to use for any particular game.

If you have code that you’d like to use in your mode, but also need to base on the gamemode from the visual novel plugin, then try to open up your blueprint gamemode, and choose “reparent blueprint” and choose the visual novel game mode as your blueprint gamemode’s parent. Then configure your blueprint as the game mode for the game.

Note that if you override or change behavior that the visual novel game mode also depends on, you may break it, and have to make sure you insert your own logic in a compatible way. It may be easier to just create a new subclass of the visual novel gamemode blueprint, and put your code in there.

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Thank you both for the quick and detailed solutions/clarifications. I will give it a shot.
Thanks again.