Instatced Static Mesh


I’ve been trying to create instance static mesh for my scene I’m working on as I have loads of duplicates of the same mesh, I’m not really clued up on blueprints or anything like that, really not my strong point but after looking through many forums and posts, I think I have what I need and wanted to check if it’s right and what is the best way of finding out the new performance of the meshes.

All I want is for mesh to be instanced and I can move rotate and transform it how I want to, is this okay for that?


No one? could really do with some advice on this please.

You can actually do it a lot easier than that.
What I do is:

1: make blueprint
2: add instanced static mesh actor
3: find a mesh to use for it
4: use the array tools under the ISM properties and add/duplicate instances and move them in the viewport manually.

It gives you a lot more control, you dont have to fiddle with any actual blueprinting, and its super easy to do.