Instant computer shutdown, anyone seen this before? here is the video of the event, computer just turns off after starting the reconstruction. After I take one 1080 out of the system, everything works fine. Power supply is definitely enough, these GPU-s are normaly used for rendering without issues.

System has 2x1080, 1070 and 2x1060. Can I disable one GPU in RC? I can’t seem to find the option anymore.

Rendering does not use these cards the way RC does.

RC creates a near 100% load on those cards.

A shutdown like that screams power issues.

What are the specs of your power supply?

1200W internaly for the two 1080s and 600W for the 1070 and two 1060s externally in a amfeltec cluster. I am also suspecting power issue, just thought someone had more clue. It just seems silly to remove one GPU for the solving when I could swear there was an option to choose which GPU-s to use in RC but I can’t seem to find it now? I’ll try disabling in device manager before solving, as a workaround.

Hi Pero,

can’t you also select the GPUs that you wanr RC to use within the software? Is it a real shutdown or is it only the monitor signal that gets cut off? I’ve seen that happen recently but I do not know if RC was running on the machine at the time (it was a teamviewer session).

Hello Pero,

in the ‘RECONSTRUCTION - Settings - Image depth map calculation - GPUs to use’ you can choose which GPU you want to use.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I will try to disable the card within RC, thanks Zuzana for the tip, I don’t know how I missed it. Disabling it within device manager was not successful, computer still restarts.