Instancing static meshes - how ?

So let’s say I am making a map (which is usually the case when using modular pieces or same kind of decorative static meshes) with same kind of meshes (using same rock to build cliffs, but scaling it non-uniformly; or using pillars to create some temple).

How do I make UE4 treat those as instances, so bunch of same meshes would be drawn with one draw call ? (for mobile and PC)


I believe you cannot do that right now, not from a straight import. However I did notice on the UE4 Roadmap on Trello that they had something under Tools, called “Import FBX into level”, with this description:
“Ability to go File->Import in main Level Editor, and choose an FBX. All StaticMeshes in FBX are imported, and then instances placed in the scene at their locations in the FBX file. Allows importing an entire scene in one go.”

So maybe there will be an official way to do it. Don’t know if there is any unofficial ways to get around this.

That would be kinda odd if UE4 didn’t have instancing working (or batching for static meshes a least) :confused:

Instanced static mesh.