Instanced stereo breaking transparent objects

Hi, I am trying to get the transparent water material from the Water Plane project from the learning page to work in VR. But unless i turn off instanced stereo the material is only transparent on the left eye, and not on the right eye.
Found an old post talking about it, but found files saying that they were fixed in v4.20 of ue4.
Does anyone know why this still happends, and a possible solution without giving up the performance boost from instanced stereo?

After alot of tweaking and then ending up making my own shader from scratch i found out that there is something in the shader from Water Plane that does not work for vr correctly.

the water must reference screen position at some point. the screen space is offset around .8 to the side for the right eye. you can isolate one eye from the other with the custom node and offset the right eye a bit but your better off just avoiding screen space.