Instanced static meshes with tessellation possible?

I have a tree bark material which applies various degrees of tessellation based on the distance to the camera. It works fine for one static mesh but whenever I try to paint the trees as foliage which enables ‘used with instanced static meshes’ in the material, it won’t compile properly. I therefore wonder it it’s even possible to use tessellation for instanced meshes at all?

this worked for me at some point, it was just causing some horrible slowdowns. last time I tried was 4.13, but people reported up to 4.16
in short: Foliage + Mesh LODs + Tessellation = massive slowdowns
see…driver-to.html, the bug ticket is of course backlogged and even has wrong info (misses the crucial LODs part)

Thanks for the info!
As a workaround I’m applying the tessellation, displacement & LOD’s in SpeedTree directly.

you mean you just make higher poly meshes in SpeedTree? (and more LODs)

Yeah, I’m using SpeedTree’s displacement with a very dense LOD0 for the trunk, which then quickly fades into a much lower LOD1.