Instance Tool Plugin won't install from Launcher on Mac

I purchased the Instance Tool plugin on the UE4 marketplace - Instance Tool in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

It installs fine on Windows, but when I select “Install to Engine” on my Mac, it prompts me for version, and then does nothing. It doesn’t download or install to engine, it just quietly takes me back to the launcher. I’m unable to open projects that use this plugin on my Mac. Copying the plugin file manually to the engine folder on the Mac works, but it’s less than an ideal solution, and not an option for those with a Mac-only workflow.

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Is this no longer the correct place to report bugs?

Sorry for the confusion. We have recently modified the process for how we handle Launcher issues. They are now all handled through the Epic Help Desk.

The Bug Report section of AnswerHub is reserved for in-editor issues.