INSTALLER H E L P !! - Not enough space on C drive, but over 800GB sitting on another drive

Hi Everyone!


I’m really struggling, I finally downloaded UStudio Beta installer on C drive but I’m gutted that I don’t have enough 5 GB to spare.(sad face)

My question is, can I download Unreal Studio Beta on another drive which has 800GB for space sitting there or do I need to re-download and register etc.AGAIN.?

Many thanks in advance

The install process is split in two:

  • installation of the epic games launcher that is not that big < 1GB
  • the installation of an Engine version from the launcher. For this step you can specify any drive/folder you desire.

what would i suggest please freeup some space in C Drive bcoz windows also need some space for page file. if u dont keep space your system would be unstable at some points and u will face BSOD. :smiley: and btw u can install engine in any other drive u want.

I too have C drive only for OS and Unreal, Mixer, Blender runs from D or type-c portable m.2 ssd drive. I reinstall OS quite often(5-10 months averange) and thats why i have almost zero errors.