Installed UE 4.1, run demo game .. laptop fan goes nuts

Hi Guys,

Wasnt sure how else to describe this :smiley:

I have a new Dell Inspiron 17 7000 series laptop with 8GB Ram, Nvidia GT750M Video card, Core i5

I should say, like alot of new laptops this has a dual vid card. Intel HD on motherboard, “separate” Nvidia.

Up to now all software inc UE 4 has been running like a dream on it. All software still is except for UE 4.1

Once I open for example STRATEGY GAME - immediately the system fan comes on heavy and fast, the system underneath heats up quickly. If I close UE 4.1 at this point, all goes back to normal.

Looks like something is driving the processor or the video card (??) nuts??

Anyone else with this?

Have you try this:

Everyone has the same situation.You should undertand that UE4 is next-gen ,games which is running this platform ill only come atleast at the end of the year .My desktop I5 gtx 660 16 gb is also becomes very “hot” and consume very very very much of CPU ,so other applications run very slow,even if I just craete empty project .That’s next gen! I Checked all of my 6 computers ,the same situation …So simple explanation -Nextgen=) …COmputers of 2016 year will run it smother =)) so like in a famous song -" just hope and wait…"(c)

Thanks for feedback.

BUT interestingly this was not happening to me pre 4.1 on the same laptop.

I have latest win updates and video drivers installed.

If its what u say, then i will drop UE for a while. Laptop runs too hot for comfort with 4.1

its an issue with 4.1 and probably not your laptop, I have a similar problem with 4.1, you can still use 4.0.2 though, I just hope they fix it soon.

Thought so. I tried 4.02 and no problem. Thanks Smokey 13 … a heads up for others who may think its normal.

To go back to 4.02 just open the UE launch prog. Where it says UNREAL ENGINE 4.1.0, there is a drop box arrow to the right, click this - select UNREAL ENGINE 4.0.2 instead.

You can also uninstall 4.1.0 by staying on 4.1.0 and select uninstall under it. You will be left with 4.0.2 after.

My last generation computer with a 3770K and a GTX 690 runs it very smoothly =))

Though I can’t quite say the same about my laptop…

you can use a program like evga precision x to adjust fan speed or msi has one as well, doesn’t matter who made the video card. Just watch the temps (which both programs will show you) and make sure it doesn’t go above the recommended temps.