Install access to the Ark editor disallowed

So I’ve been asking about, as many people who mod ark are suffering this issue right now (2nd Sept 2019 for me). This apparently has been going on for about a week already. If you try to download the ark editor from the launcher (the only place to get it from), you will be presented with a error message with code MD-0011. You try to search for the code - no hits online. I then trawled the logs and found this:

[2019.09.02-03.00.00:581][366]LogOnline: Warning: OSS: Invalid response.

CorrId=UE4-304ff1864ea68a193dc1a2b0f344e393-779532FC4C958734D17E018BE96CD2E6-176C60BE426D5486CD9B8CB7A8BED170 code=403

errormessage=Download access to this application is currently disallowed.
App: ARKDevKit errorraw={

“errorCode” : “”

“errorMessage” : “Download access to this application is currently disallowed. App: ARKDevKit”

“messageVars” : [ “ARKDevKit” ],

“numericErrorCode” : 30024,

“originatingService” : “launcher-service”,

“intent” : “prod”

So this appears to be an Epic games issue, but despite support tickets, no response thus far. I’m hoping someone could help out.



Would like to know what is going on as well. Same thing is happening to me, and a few others

So, the Epic Launcher has been fixed, now downloads normally. This was due to the efforts of one of the Ark modders community managers who raised this directly to Epic Games. It seems it was related to the problems last week with some titles not launching/installing from the launcher, and the Ark Editor got “missed”. I believe that due to PAX and the long weekend in the US the “fix” didn’t happen until after the holiday/event. In the event that this unfortunate thing happens again, I will keep an untouched copy of the ark editor on a separate drive so I will not be as inconvenienced as this issue has been.