Inspect Object System (Uncharted style)

Hi all,I want to introduce my “Inspect Object System”.
Easily customizable system for the inspection of the object in the hand of the character.
Inspection in 3 positions:
Browsing - inspection of the subject from the floor.
Standing - inspection of the subject on the table.
Standing - examination of the subject from the wall.
The system is suitable for developers with little experience with “Blueprint”.
Easy to integrate into your project.
The system will be updated.
Over time I will add new functions.
Instructions and support will be here.
video is out of date,shows a single position (inspection object from the floor),will add new soon.
Develop and tested on UE4.12
I hope you enjoy my work
not a difficult,but not easy for beginners

you can get here
or here
good luck! :wink: