Insanced dynamic folliage is not rendered properly.

I am trying to get a dynamic enviroment for a level that I am working. I have dynamic directional light, dynamic skylight, and a skysphere.
All my folliage is selected and set to dynamic, exept few trees that actually have lightmaps.

In my scene I have lots of static point lights and static directional lights. Most of them are not even in range with the vegetation.

If i Force no precomputed lighting all my dynamic vegetation looks great.
However, after a build with all the lights enabled mos of the dynamic vegetation is very strange lit.

If i disable the static directional lights and build the light. All the vegetation looks fine.

What am i doing wrong?? Why are the movable plants looking so different if all the environment lightning is dynamic?
Unreal Engine - 4.10.4 - Launcher version