Inquiries on pawn movement issues in third person C++ coding

Greetings, after recent issues in a test world (as I am fairly new to UE4), I decided it would be fore fruitful to seek help on these forms then the hours I have spent searching online as well as troubleshooting in engine. So, my friends, I ask of you, if you would to help me troubleshoot is issue. Upon launching this level, my pawn IS able to move across the plane, the issue however is that upon prompting the character to move forward using “W”, the walk animation plays, however no progress is made along the plane, as well as with the backward movement “S”. However slow movement is possible by holding down “W” or “S” and " A" or “D”, this moves the pawn at an angle (Obviously reflecting the direction the button dictates), even more interesting is the fact that when I prompt the character to move forward with the “W” key, the walk forward animation plays and it seems the character has hit a sort of invisible wall, moving to one side or the other, which raises the question if the character has some code issue with moving upon the an axis with the forward and backward functions . Now I DO have proper collision set up for the character and all of the elements inside of the game, which is why I am stuck wondering what it may be. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.Mouse movement.PNG

I notice you’re plugging the Axis value directly into movement. Movement is per second, while axis ranges from -1 to 1. Your character is essentially moving 1cm per second.

Try multiplying the axis value by 800, as you may find the problem is simply that your character is far too slow.