InputAxis works, but Input Key will not? (Blueprints attached)

I have this problem, any help would be appreciated!

Input axis connected to the add impulse works great(space bar input). When I connect the space bar directly to it, it will not fire the impulse. I have a fuel system that drains when the space bar is connected(removed for simplicity) so I know its picking up the key input, however it will not fire the impulse. I need the key to be pressed and fire the impulse and released to not fire it. Note: the InputAxis’s only key bind is space bar. Any ideas?

Input Actions fire **once, **while InputAxis fire continously. If you want to use an input Action, you need to set the boolean and use Event Tick to use Impulse over Time.
(Y’know: checking for the boolean. True -> Add Impulse)

Omg…duh…i feel so dumb. Its been a long day. Appreciate your help! Thank you!