InputAxis Mouse Y - outputs value endlessly. Is this bad for performance?

Hello! I want to use the MouseY input to rotate my camera (when right mouse button is pressed). To do that, I have to use the InputAxis Mouse Y node (and the X version). However, it endlessly returns the value so many times every second, also when I am not using the rotation button (right mouse).

You can see this easily when you just connect a print node to the axis value output.

Now my question is, does this impact performance in any noticable way to have the value output calculating and running endlessly, all the time?

I dont think it does, its the way a mouse works even outside of unreal, it sends its offset every tick since the last tick, even if that is 0,0. Maybe keyboards are programmed so that it automatically assumes 0 input unless the key is pressed then it send 1.

Yeah I was thinking about that, but I wasn’t sure if it gives me an additional calculation (every tick) or of it just outputs the value that the engine is already using for the mouse anyway.