Input Mapping: Razer Hydra Error

I have been trying to get my razer hydra working with the razer hydra plugin and have stumbled across this pain.

There are 2 big issues:

  1. Although left joystick is configured to move the character and right to look around both joysticks are looking around.
  2. Shown in the picture I was trying to test my buttons to see if they worked and no matter where I added the Hydra Trigger or Bumper action it wouldn’t have any flow, except for when the left bumper became an input axis and what happened there was that the flow would just start from play and never end.
  3. Hydra Remotes seem to be inversed, moving the left controller up moves the right debug box and vice versa

Help appreciated.

Just made a fresh blueprint 3rd person template project to see if anything was wrong with how the plugin was working, and it works as intended.

  1. Your controller hand is determined by the position you last docked your hydra. It is possible to have 2 left hydras if you docked both on the left side of the hydra base. To fix this, dock each hydra on their respective side. This is supported to allow for controller misplacement and is used in both blueprint events and the input mapping system.
  2. It looks like you added the input mapping events to your level blueprint, have you added a HydraPluginActor to your scene or set your pawn to use a HydraPlayerController, or added a Hydra component and Hydra Interface to a blueprint that is used in the level (e.g. character)? If not you may not be receiving your input events. The plugin requires you to use either or those 3 methods in order to receive events, please see the main plugin thread for setup instructions.
  3. See 1.

While I was at it I updated the plugin (0.7.4) with an easy way to print out every button using HydraButtonPressed and Released, so you can debug your physical controller easily using blueprints. Example of a verbose button print function and its implementation:

NB: Non Input Mapping Hydra Events are emitted only for the convenience classes (HydraPluginActor and HydraPlayerController) and any classes you’ve added a HydraComponent and HydraInterface to.