Input action SetDestination

Sorry for a silly question. A beginner here. Didn’t find any similar post here so I made mine.

In TopDown example in topdowncontroller BP there is a visual script in event graph that I copied to my project’s Mycontroller BP and also a function “Movetohitlocation” that I also copied.
Everything seems to work except “Input Action SetDestination” node. I checked project settings and made a setdestination parameter with leftclick assigned.
When I ran the debug thing I don’t see this node work by some reason. And the other node “InputTouch” seems to react somehow on my mouse action when I do leftclick.

The picture is in attachment. What do I do wrong?


This question interesting me to. No any info for half year?

ps: I find answer in post MY top down controller isnt working! - UE4 AnswerHub

So if i understand correctly , you have created a new action mapping in the tab “input” on "project settings " and assigned "left click button " to this action mapping to match with the node …

and when you press the action mapping input (left click in this case) nothing happen (and you don’t see the colored flow from debug ) … is that alright ?

the only idea i have is that sometimes taking BP from one project to paste it in another one result as the action or axis input node doesn’t work properly because they are interpreted as copy of existing node …

What if you delete this node an recreate the exact same one by yourself ? maybe it can do the trick …

An dby the way if it work , don’t ask yourself "why ? " all the day because the only good answer is : "Because unreal " xD

Actually Funkish, you aren’t crazy. I have the exact same problem with the Dialogue Plugin. Have been trying to solve this for a while.

Maybe you don’t need an info anymore, but a very simple solution is to just replace it by an ordinary left click event (or whatever key you want to use to move your character). Only drawback is that you can’t change it at runtime, but aside from that it’s the same