InGameMenu not being removed when "Quit to Menu" is used

Hello all, UE4 newb here.
I’m going through a bunch of tuts on youtube, and am having an issue.

I’ve created a main menu and an ingame menu with various settings. Everything like Pause, Settings, etc. works fine. When I click “Quit to main” however, it DOES quit back to the main menu (accomplished by having a MainMenuLevel & HUD/Widget) the previous, InGameMenu widget does not go away. I have a “Remove from Parent” node attached in the blueprint, as shown here

And This is what it is doing


Anyone know what is going on and why the InGameMenu widget won’t remove itself from the parent?

Remove from parent won’t necessarily hide a widget unless you also destroy or hide it.


You could try remove from parent BEFORE loading the level?

Try the remove before quit.
If that fails, try RemoveAllWidgets in your player controllers BeginPlay before spawning the main menu :slight_smile: