ingame editor possible?

Hi, some games have editors, usually they’re of 2 types:

  1. ingame, such available only from game menus and so on
  2. external

Is it possible to make them in UE4? Would be nice to see any appropriate guides or explanations.

  1. it is possible -> I can explain you some stuff/post some links, depending on how exactly the ingame editor should work (what should the player be abel to do) :slight_smile:
  2. take a look at this thread:

I know Rama has been working on one…

Yes it’s possible and I’ve been working on one myself. Although mine is simple and all that is required is placement of meshes and then saving/loading that data.
What exactly do you want to know?

In short you’ll need to break down the end goal into small chunks and then try to focus on those small pieces which will then fit together to the end result.

So, for me, I first setup the camera and scene management, then moved on to enabling the user to place meshes within the scene. I then wanted to ensure save/load capability was introduced but I need to save it online so I first used the VARest plugin on the forum and setup a very basic test to learn how to send and receive JSON data, then on the server side learnt some PHP and to insert or select the appropriate data into a mysql database. With this method I can definitely write an external editor aswell if I so desired since ultimately my game just needs to get text which includes the name of the mesh and all the transform data.

All I can recommend is to break the problem down. Just write down all the functionality required and focus/learn implementing a single function at a time.