Ingame change player mesh [multiplayer/rep]


I have a blueprint [Player] which contains the player variables, like health, mana, and so on. One of those variables is Gender. (Note: the game is multiplayer and works just fine at the moment).

In this blueprint, when my player receives the gender (1: male, 2: female) I have the following code:

on PIE it works fine, I believe its because both players log in at the same time so the mesh info is sent just fine.

However, when I get on the normal game (server.exe / client.exe, dedicated server), when player1 enters he sees his/her mesh fine. If player2 enters, then he can see his mesh aswell.
The problem is that, player1 can see player2 mesh (which is just fine) but player2 cant see player1 mesh. My guess is that since player1 was already inside, there was no custom event to update his mesh on player2, hence player2 cant see player1 mesh.

Any tips for solving this? :stuck_out_tongue: