Information about unrealengine

First of all I would like say hello to unrealengine community. Actually I’m new to here. So I have couple of questions about the engine.

  1. What is the best engine for beginners. udk or the UE4. Actually I didn’t try any of them because I think it is better to get advice from the community before downloading.
  2. Can I create ‘first person shooter’ game easily when compared to cryengine and can I use default assets(specially character animations) which comes with UE4 or UDK when I’m commercializing my game.
  3. Can I use blender without any problems when creating a FPS game, because I cannot offered much to buy 3dmax or Maya at this time.
  4. What happens if I cancel my UE4 subscription. Can I still use it for commercializing my game?
  5. Can I run UE4 in a PC with Nvidia gt 610. My pc has quad core processor and 8gb ram.
    Actually I have used cryengine before for create my FPS game. But I think it is time to give up because of their poor documentation and their Eaas program. I have created so many custom assets including vegetation, characters and stucked with cryengine animation pipeline(Mannequin). Any suggestions/advices are greatly appreciated. As I mention before I’m new to here. So sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section. Thank you.
  1. It’s best to start with UE4 since it’s going to be the main engine going forward
  2. UE4 has an FPS template you can start from. As far as assets, check the FAQ on the website, the terms for the UDK and UE4 assets are a bit different
  3. Yes, there’s a few things here and there that are not quite as easy to use when exporting to UE4 but there are workarounds. It’s capable of producing what you need but the other programs have more tools to use that can make it a bit easier.
  4. You can still use it, you just don’t get any updates or access to the source code. When you sell your game you still pay the 5% royalty.
  5. Technically it will start the program but your GPU is so low-powered that it will not be a good experience.

Thank you for the reply. You mean the source code of the engine. But I can still use the game code(visual scripting). right? What are the advantages of having source code. I’m beginner for the programming thing.

You can modify the engine for your own needs :wink:

…which has no use if

Having source DOES have use for a programmer, even if newbie. Becouse if you dont know what a function does in your gameplay classes, you can go and see how it works.
Meanwhile CE is a huge blackbox and you dont have documentation for those gameplay functions, so good luck with it.

Thank you guys so much. How can I buy UE4 via Paypal. Because I can’t find any link to paypal payment.

Unfortunately paypal is still not accepted, but they will add more types of payment :wink:

Thanks. Waiting for it