Infinity blade: warriors question


Im just wondering if its allowed to like split the armors (like one static mesh for the armor, one for the shoulder, one for helm, etc) from one of the assets of this project (infinity blade: warriors) and use it ourselves for testing purposes (well, could save money regarding testing different armors and their stats)

If it is posible, could anyone guide me on how I could achieve this? Quite lost in this aspect of modeling

You can use the assets for what ever your game needs if I’m not mistaken. I believe you just can’t redistribute them like on the Market Place and such.

Anyhow I work with those assets a lot and there are a few ways you can go about doing what you want. All have to do with exporting the assets into a 3d art program like Max or Maya (or Blender if that is your fancy :slight_smile: ) and separating the meshes from each other.

I’d be more than willing to help with it if you’d like?

Um yeah sure, hit me up with a PM :]