Infinite Projectile Velocity

I think this might be a rather silly question to open a topic for, but the answer is not forthcoming:

We have World Settings->Physics overrides. We have gravity set to 0. We have our projectile’s friction set to 0, and it’s gravity set to 0.

When we set the initial velocity, it takes off, bounces a moment, and then comes to a halt.

What nodes am I looking for to manually control the velocity of the projectile? Set Velocity ask for a reference, a it refuses a reference to ‘Self’.

Thank you for any help.

Did you set linear damping to 0 ?

I didn’t even think about that. I just tried setting it via blueprint, and that had no effect. I did look up the documentation, but I can’t find where these settings are hiding.

You go in the mesh details, there is physics tab and it’s at the bottom of it.

I would swear I looked there, but there it is. I set it to 0, and it still comes to a halt, but a setting of -1 seems to have (somewhat) of the effect I was looking for. It has a bit of an unnatural collision on impact, but I will keep playing with the settings.