Infinite loop when logging in to the forums?

so this has been happening lately

ever since I made an epic account, every time I enter some unreal website I have to login again, forums, answer hub, unreal academy, doesn’t matter, it never remembers me, even if I specifically check the box that says stay logged in. but it has always been like that, it’s really annoying, but at least it worked, kind of.

but now for some reason when I try to go to or any thread on my bookmarks, I get stuck on an infinite loop trying to log in. I deleted all the cookies from unreal and it worked. once. then again the infinite loop.

I mean, what’s the deal with websites and login systems, those have been around almost since the beggining of the internet, should have been all figured out by now.

This seems to be happening if I am already logged in my Epic Games account. I just go to and logout, then come back to forums and everything works fine.

Also try deleting cookies for unreal engine in your browser

This happens to me on mobile. Usually, exiting it out and accessing from the search bar fixes it.