Infiltrator Demo Character Poses


I have noticed that the infiltrator character meshes use the same skeleton, “SK_Infil1_Proto_Skeleton”, but the base skeleton is in an A-Pose when you view it on the proto mesh; but if you open another mesh e.g. “Infil1_Redshirt_SK” the mesh is in a T-Pose… how is this done? I have tried viewing the base pose and rig pose but the pose doesn’t change.
I would like to extract the T-Pose skeleton but I cant seem to find out how it is stored?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is unfortunately not an easy process. You’ll need to manually adjust the pose of your Infil1_Redshit_SK skeleton until it’s in the same pose as the mannequin. The instructions are in the documentation here under “Retargeting a base pose”.

The specifics are something along the lines of rotating the shoulders down 40 degrees, back 10. Rotating the elbows forwards 20 degrees. Rotating the wrist back about 10-20 degrees. Rotating the first joint of the fingers back about 10 degrees on the X axis, the second joint about 20 degrees on the Y axis. The legs are more or less okay as they are.

These numbers are only approximations, that’s about the best I can do from memory and I haven’t got it quite exactly right myself either. You’ll need to look at the two base poses and try to get them to match exactly, but that should give you a very rough starting point to work from.