Infiltrator and other UE tech demos - how are they output?

I’m kinda wondering about the tech demos and how are they output to video.

They are made to be played real-time, after all that’s the feature they are showcasing, but when outputting to video, does UE4 render to some video container like MP4 or MKV instead?

It would be cool to have more written-up about this subject, and the general cinematic creation and Matinee for those of us who want to try making cinematic sequences and shorts.


Check out the video recording feature of Matinee. In there you can output video in either individual frames or in a movie. If that does not work you can always try FRAPS.

Thanks for the pointer.

I’m very new with UE4 and so I did not even go into looking what Matinee can do while I’m still trying to get a hang of more basic things. Kinda jumping ahead of myself…

We have a pretty extensive video recording setup here at Epic, and use a variety of options. If you simply wish to dump out video (no audio, or syncing the audio at a later point in time) please check out the following documentation Command-Line Arguments in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation you are looking for:

DUMPMOVIE: Dump rendered frames to files using current resolution of game.

Hi Paul,

Does Epic actually not do everything in Editor, but rather a traditional movie production way - add foley and music during video editing in Premiere/FCP or such?

I thought that the UE4 editor could actually put out (render?) a full media file (audio and video in sync) because one would add all the sound bites in the scene/game as well?

After all it’s supposed to be “real-time” output, whether it’s to screen or to a file should not matter, no?