Indivisual actor component rotation and collision

Hi, I am confused about something and I want to know the best way to do this.

Basically I am making an aircraft game and my pawn needs to be consisting of 2 main components.

  1. The Mesh component.

  2. A dummy component.

The thrust needs to be applied through the dummy component rotation. And the Spring arm component and the camera should be attached to the component component.
The work of the mesh component is rotate independently of the dummy component but stay in the location of the of dummy component. And also to detect any collisions that occur.

I planed on using a Staticmesh component hidden in game for the dummy component and a non attached staticmesh component as the actual mesh component.

I will move the mesh to the location of the actor component each tick and set rotations on it independently. But if the staticmesh is not the root component, I am not able to detect any collison.

And when I set the local rotation of the component as well as the rotation of the actor at the same time, it causes some glitches.

If I am setting motion of the actor in the direction the dummy is facing and make the dummy a Mesh a root component, I dont think there would be much error to deal with.